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Double Layers Hair Mask


The hair mask is based on a unique 2 layers technology. Nonwoven fabric film can help the serum absorb and It’s PE film airtight design enables the serum to work and penetrate deep into the hair core ensuring an optimum moisturizing effect.


This Hair mask is a very hot sale in the world market.


Newmarket development: Very hot sale product which is a new development in the world market.

Add re-buy rate for brand: The dried one can be matched with the conditioner to moisturize your hair and add the re-buy rate for the hair mask.

Add a new product line: The hair mask can enrich the product system for the hair focus supplier, and increase more sales for the company.

Easy to use: The hair mask also can put in the package and add some liquid inside, the feeling is the same as a salon but easy to be done at home.

Customized printing: The hair mask also can be printed the pattern, your logo or any other pattern which you prefer.


Used For

Brand Owner, Salon Owner, Chain Supermarket, etc.







50.0*34.5*27.5cm or customized

Used For

Color-treated and damage hair
Oily hair
Dried hair
Splitting hair
Frizzy hair-silky smooth

Private Label


Customized Printing